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Credit Services

Giving you the credit services you deserve.

Expand your service offerings without increasing your expenses.

AIM can act as your credit department, enabling you to expand your business
offerings without taking on the overhead of an in-house credit department.
AIM subscribes to all major credit agencies, enabling us to determine the
creditworthiness of customers, set credit limits, act as a credit manager and
provide a full range of credit and collection services. Our expertise and resources
also allow you to offer higher credit limits to your customers. That’s not only
more convenient for them, it’s more profitable for you as it allows them to
make larger or more frequent purchases.

AIM is also an expert at protecting your credit, helping you resolve situations
resulting from cash flow difficulties. Small businesses in a cash crunch often
are faced with delaying tax payments in order to pay employees. AIM can set
up a payment plan with the IRS and deal with liens the agency has placed
against your company. We can negotiate a payment structure, paid through
our factoring process, and keep your inventory and property liquid. It’s just
one more way we help cut costs and improve efficiency by taking over a large
percentage of your back-office functions.

Here’s a real-world example of how AIM helped one business find needed
capital to expand operations.

Client Situation
Six-year-old valet service company
- Slow paying clientele base, typical for this industry
- Poor credit approval processes
- Needed increased cash flow to take on more business

Why They Needed to Factor
- Opportunities for new business
- Increasing weekly payroll liabilities
- Losses due to business closures
- Past due tax liabilities

How AIM Helped
- Gave company a competitive edge with financing facility
- Provided in-depth credit research prior to any start-up work on new business
- Ongoing credit approval and monitoring service
- Collection support


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